Private Swimming Lessons


Our 1-on-1 lessons with one of hundreds of certified, experienced, dynamic instructors are organized into 4 sessions offered year round. We have pools locations all over island and surrounding areas and classes available 7 days per week for all ages and levels. All lessons are personalized according to the skills, strengths and weaknesses of each swimmer, and lesson plans are adapted to ensure the fastest progress.


For Babies, Kids, Beginners

Build confidence & independence, learn basic swimming techniques

For Older Kids, Stronger Swimmers, Competitive Athletes

Learn the 4 strokes, perfect the techniques, improve stroke efficiency, build power, build endurance, master dives, starts & flipturns, race simulations, competition preparation and more.

Beginner & Advanced Lessons For Adults

For beginners: Build confidence in shallow & deep water, learn to swim across the pool, learn to jump into deep water & swim to the side.

For more advanced swimmers: learn the 4 strokes, refine your techniques, build endurance, learn your dives, starts & flipturns.

For competitive athletes: perfect your short or long distance training

Phobia of water? We can help you overcome your fear. Start in small, shallow, warm pools at a slow pace. Slowly build your skills and confidence. Before you know it, that fear will be a thing of the past!

Our instructors are attuned to YOUR needs and goals. Tell us exactly what you want to get out of this program, and we will customize your lesson plan just for you.


Something special just for you: Want an intensive session? Can’t commit to a full session? Want classes at your home? MIS offers flexible solutions suited to your needs.


MIS offers lessons in 20 locations situated around Montreal, find the location nearest you today!


You can register anytime! Has the session already started? No problem! Sign up and pay only for the remaining classes in that session!

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